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Custom CD packaging and DVD packaging

Bespoke packaging for CDs and DVDs

One of the most difficult things to achieve with your CD or DVD product is making it stand out from the crowd on a retailer’s shelf or really having an impact when it lands on your customer’s desk! Over the years tmc media have worked on a range of bespoke packaging that have achieved exactly that. We’ve produced packaging in cardboard, plastic, wood, tin, leather and even tapioca! The beauty of bespoke packaging is that it’s unique to your product and is only limited by your imagination!

The design of the package does not need to complicated or that expensive but can still have an impactful result and by using recycled or FSC / PEFC cardboard stock, you can also achieve an environmentally responsible approach with your packaging.
Some of our product range is shown below and may provide you with some ideas that will be right for you but if you’re looking for something different or just want advice on the best solution for your product, please get in touch!

CD packaging and DVD packaging ranges include:


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