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CD Replication

replicated CDs by tmc media UK CD replicators for CD replicationWe are CD replication experts with years of extensive  knowledge which we use to give you excellent CD manufacturing services.

What is CD replication?

CD replication is the term given to manufacturing discs that are pressed on injection moulding machines having first gone through a glass mastering process. Replicated CDs differ in many ways from duplicated CD-Rs. Some of which relate to quality whilst other differences can be related to the cost effectiveness of the 2 processes.

A replicated CD can accommodate approximately 75 minutes of audio or 700mb of data. In its CD-ROM format, it can be used to carry text, data, pictures and video files.

Virtually every Audio CD and CD-ROM that is released commercially is a replicated disc. If your requirement is for 500 or more copies then CD Replication will be the best route to go.


CD Mould for replicated CDs by tmc media UK CD replicators for CD replication automated packing for replicated CDs by tmc media UK CD replicators for CD replication

CD Replication Benefits

The advantages of CD Replication are numerous and can be broken down in to three key areas; quality, appearance and cost.


Because a replicated CD is moulded directly from a metal replica of your master content, it can be guaranteed that every copy will work in exactly the same way. This isn’t always the case with duplicated CD-Rs and problems can arise when the type of blank disc used doesn’t work well with certain CD drives or the speed at which the blank disc is duplicated.

Replicated CDs also go through a rigorous testing process. The first replicated CD is taken from the press and tested against the master disc that you supplied. This process is called bit-for-bit analysis and it measures that every 1 and 0 that make up your data is present and in the right order. Furthermore, each of the replicated CDs are tested against strict parameters in 17 areas prior to leaving the injection moulding machine. These measures guarantee that every replicated CD will be a faithful copy of the master you supplied.

Appearance of replicated CDs…

Whilst not exclusively the case, most replicated CDs will have a far higher print quality than duplicated CD-Rs. Depending on the type of image you are looking to create, we will use screen printing or litho printing. The quality of these specialist printing machines is recognised as providing the best possible finish and their flexibility allows the inclusion of special Pantone colours to be incorporated in to your design.

Another significant feature of our screen and litho print machines is the inclusion of cameras that scan each of the replicated CDs to ensure that the correct disc is being printed with the right image and also check the quality of the printing on the finished disc.

Cost of CD replication…

By far the biggest advantage that replicated CDs have over CD-R duplication is cost. There are certain processes that have to take place in CD replication that mean that below a quantity of 500 units, CD-R duplication is a more cost effective route. However, above this quantity these fixed costs become amortised across the number of CDs replicated with the net result of a decreasing unit cost as the volume of CDs ordered rises.

Uses for replicated CDs

The number of uses for replicated CDs is endless. Whether you are looking to release your latest musical composition, wanting to replace expensive paper based catalogues with a more interactive and exciting format or distribute your marketing message in a more professional way, replicated CDs are the answer!

CD Replication Explained

If you want to know more about the technical stuff, the CD Replication Explained section will tell you all could ever want to know, but if you just want some friendly advice on the best way forward please contact the team at TMC Media!

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