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DVD Replication

We are DVD replication experts with extensive knowledge of DVD manufacturing processes. DVD replication by tmc media. DVD replicators UKThe DVD format is an excellent and dynamic medium for distributing your content. Aside from the benefits of its large capacity the way in which the DVD is authored can allow a huge level of interactivity and superb sound quality.

At tmc media we handle hundreds of different DVD projects every year and the experience we have built up means that we can guide you through every step of the DVD replication process to ensure your production is delivered without drama and on time!

What DVD production options are there?

There are many similarities in the way that DVDs and CDs are replicated. Both CDs and DVDs go through the same manufacturing process of glass mastering and injection moulding, but with replicated DVDs there are 2 discs that are moulded and then bonded together to create the final DVD rather than one single disc that forms the final CD.

By using two discs to form the final replicated DVD, there are differing amounts of capacity available which allow DVDs to be used for a broad range of applications.


What are DVD5s?

Replicated DVD5s use one side of the disc and one layer of information. DVD5s have a capacity of 4.7GB which equates to approximately 2 hours of video footage.


What are DVD9s?

Replicated DVD9s also use one side of the disc but both layers of information and as a result have a capacity of 8.5GB which will allow approximately 4 hours of video footage.


What are DVD10s?

Replicated DVD10s utilise one layer of information but both sides of the disc. This provides replicated DVD10s with a capacity of 9.4GB that equates to approximately 5 hours of video footage.

As is the case with CDs, virtually every DVD that is released commercially is a replicated disc. If your requirement is for 500 or more copies then DVD replication is a far better approach to take than DVD duplication.

automated packing for DVD packaging replicated DVDs by tmc media UK DVD replicators for DVD replication

DVD Replication Benefits

The benefits of DVD replication are numerous but can be broken down in to three key areas of quality, appearance and cost.


Because replicated DVDs are moulded directly from a metal replica of your master content, it can be guaranteed that every DVD copy will work in exactly the same way. This isn’t always the case with duplicated DVD-Rs and problems can arise when the type of blank disc used doesn’t work well with certain DVD drives or the speed at which the blank disc is duplicated.

Replicated DVDs also go through a rigorous testing process. The first replicated DVD is taken from the press and tested against the master that you supplied. This process is called bit-for-bit analysis and it measures that every 1 and 0 that make up your data is present and in the right order. Furthermore, each one of the pressed DVDs is tested against strict parameters in over 20 areas prior to it leaving the injection moulding machine. These measures guarantee that very replicated DVD will be a faithful copy of the master disc you supplied.

Appearance of DVDs…

Whilst not exclusively the case, most replicated DVDs will have a far higher print quality than a duplicated DVD-R. Depending on the type of image you are looking to create, we will use screen printing or litho printing. The quality of these specialist printing machines is recognised as providing the best possible finish to DVDs and their flexibility allows the inclusion of special Pantone colours to be incorporated in to your design.

Another significant feature of our screen and litho print machines is the inclusion of cameras that scan each replicated DVD to ensure that the correct disc is being printed with the right image and also check the quality of the printing on the finished disc.

Cost of DVD Replication…

By far the biggest advantage that replicated DVDs have over DVD-R duplication is cost. There are certain processes that have to take place in DVD replication that mean that below a quantity of 500 units, duplication is a more cost effective route. However, above this quantity these fixed costs become amortised across the number of DVDs replicated with the net result of a decreasing unit cost as the volume of DVDs ordered rises.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help so whether your project is still just an idea or ready to be made please don’t hesitate to contact the DVD replication team at tmc media. 


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